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This is Adam & Bernardo

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Steps of 2 Foreigners

We're two adventurous souls from different corners of the world, whose paths crossed in Brazil, and the rest is history.

Our motto, "Go out and make memories," is a reminder that true happiness lies not in material possessions, but in the moments we share with loved ones. So come along for the ride, join our crazy journey, and let us inspire you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Who are we?

Welcome to our personal website! Our story began in 2016 when we ​met at a French coffee shop in Brasilia, Brazil while I, Adam, was ​backpacking through the country. It was an instant connection ​that led to spending weekends together, visiting local parks, ​working out, and going on road trips. We are from very different ​backgrounds, with Bernardo hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, ​and myself from Leesburg, Florida. However, we bonded over our ​shared love of travel, fitness, and exploring new cultures.

After a few months of dating, we took our first international trip to ​Thailand during Brazil's Carnival, an experience that strengthened ​our relationship and led us to decide to move in together. It took us ​some time to find the perfect apartment, but once we did, we ​started making it our home. We both continue to work hard in our ​jobs, and I love to document our memories on video, which led us to ​create our first YouTube video in March 2017. We are excited to ​share our adventures with you as a same-sex couple and hope to ​inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter where they lead.

Strong as Equality Mug

Show your support for Pride Month with our exclusive Pride Watercolor Mug. This piece isn't just a mug, it's a testament to resilience and a beacon of hope. The mug has a hand-painted watercolor representation of the Pride flag, integrating the iconic equality symbol and a tear, a subtle tribute to the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community.

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We​ are involved in the whole process of creating these videos. We film and edit our videos.

Fa​vorite videos we've created

We're living alone in the woods

Watch what happens when we leave the comforts of a big city ​and start living alone in the Mexican jungle in a primitive cabaña ​located in Oaxaca, Mexico in the small town of Mazunte. This ​new tiny home of ours was the most extreme experience we've ​had so far, but also one of the most beautiful and with many ​positive outcomes.

The wedding of our dreams

We always dreamed of a special wedding day, and our dreams ​came true in an emotional and memorable ceremony. From the ​heartfelt vows we wrote for each other to the joyous celebration, ​this was a day we will never forget. Join us as we show you our ​dream wedding.

Surviving the darkness and cold in North Pole, Alaska

We experience the extreme cold and 20 hours of darkness in ​this North Pole, Alaska during winter. We explore face the ​challenges of driving in snow, searching for the Northern Lights ​and going on a dog sledding adventure. Despite the harsh ​conditions, we embrace the journey and find beauty in our ​surroundings. Come along and see if we can handle life in the ​darkness and subzero.

Our search for peace and reconnection in the woods

We needed a break to start over and just to be able reconnect, ​be creative and enjoy the nature that surrounded us. After ​Adam got back from rehab to work on his mental health and ​addictions, we have enjoyed being creative which is why we have ​to thank you all for watching and allowing us to share our ​creativity with you. Thank you all for the support, the prayers, ​love and allowing us to be able to share our emotions through ​these videos.

Adventure of a lifetime: Healing trip to Guatemala

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we embark on a ​transformational journey through Guatemala. Dubbed "the ​healing trip" by one of us, this trip will take you to the sacred ​and breathtakingly beautiful Lake Atitlán. From the stunning ​volcanoes, the Mayan culture and the simplicity of the ​indigenous community of Tzununa, this trip will be a visual treat ​for you. Experience the slow and simple way of living as we ​explore the local culture and the kindness of the people. We ​discover the power of introspection, and the joy of living in the ​moment. See how this trip has changed us and how it can ​change your perspective on life.

An unforgettable surprise proposal

Come along with us on an unforgettable surprise proposal trip ​as we take you to Leavenworth, a charming Christmas town in ​the US. Watch as I pop the question to Bernardo in the most ​picturesque of settings, surrounded by snow. Will he say yes?

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Go out and make memories

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